Sunday, August 15, 2021


Since I first pointed the trailcams at the bird box and baths a few months ago, I've accumulated tens of thousands of images. It would be impossible to post a generous sample using methods I've used in the past, so I've selected several hundred for a Google album. These are all trailcam images; I will continue to post DSLR images in the usual manner here and on my web site. Click on this link to see the bluebirds and lots of other visitors to our yard in Montana. The images are in chronological order starting June 12, 2021, and I may continue adding to this album for another month or so.

Google Album Link - Backyard Trailcam 2021

The DSLR camera trap and remote trigger images I've taken have been with longer lenses up to 500mm. With a long lens, it is difficult to get depth of field even with a small aperture of f/11 or f/16. This image is with a different setup than I've tried previously. I used the 1D Mark II with a wide angle 17-35 lens set at 35mm. The depth of field is very good even at f/8 with only the cropped-out bottom of the image slightly fuzzy. The camera is only a couple feet from the subject so I mounted the Camtraptions PIR directly on top of the camera and didn't use the wireless receiver. However, I'm concerned that with the camera so close, the shutter noise will scare the birds away, particularly using the ancient and noisy 1D Mark II. We'll see.

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