Friday, October 29, 2021


It is tempting to save a few bucks on trailcams, but it usually isn't worthwhile. I bought the Primos Proof Camera 02 for $102 in 2015 and will never buy that brand again. I haven't used it lately because, well, it sucks. Daytime images are very overexposed about 95% of the time. About the only thing it has ever done passably well is night videos, but there's no way to set it to shoot just at night. I've got three of my better cameras deployed in the National Forest, so decided to deploy the Primos as one of the two cameras in my yard. Operating costs are virtually nil with rechargeable batteries rather than lithiums, so why not? Here's a deer wandering through the field behind the house.

This is an image grab from a video in 2017 of a badger in the Badlands.