Saturday, June 4, 2022


The trailcam showed the bluebirds were bringing food to the nest, so I deployed the 1DII with 70-200 lens to try to see what they are feeding the chicks that I presume are inside the nest box. A fuzzy caterpillar seems to be a popular choice. The bluebirds have been eating the mealworms I have set out, but I'm thinking they don't give those to the chicks because they're aren't very juicy. Just a guess. I shot some images with remote trigger and some with motion trigger, didn't really keep track of which was which.

Thursday, June 2, 2022


I don't do a lot of video with the trailcams but, to be honest, I wanted to see if my new Browning was better at video than still images. I think the stills are overprocessed in camera. Maybe the videos are also, but maybe the Browing is more suited for that role than making single images. Here are the bluebirds early this morning carrying out their activities, even with the sprinklers interrupting.