Saturday, February 6, 2021

Mountain Lion

I don't have any trailcams deployed, except for my two good Reconyx which are keeping an eye on my new back yard in Red Lodge, Montana. Last year before my brother sold his mountain cabin, I got this shot of a mountain lion:

Mountain Lion

Then there was the moose with (not pictured) calf that went through my new back yard. This was taken by the Browning that has the tendency to take 80,000 shots of waving grass so it was set for only one shot with a long reset time. The bright spot is a security camera (see below). A Reconyx is now in that spot, but no more moose have come by.

Moose in my back yard

Here is a bad video from the security camera which shows the moose and the calf trailing behind. The flash is the trail camera going off.

Moose at the former Reconyx location near the cabin.

And a fox.