Wednesday, July 7, 2021


I finally have motion-triggered images that aren't interpolated, oversharpened marketing hype. I've made the leap from trailcam to camera trap.

These are the first two usable images triggered by my new Camtraptions Wireless PIR v3. I decided to err on the side of caution and set the PIR to high sensitivity, so to save some shutter activations on my Canon 5D Mark III I am using my venerable Canon 1D Mark II. It is 17 years old, I haven't used it in nine years, and the battery doesn't work for very long. Fortunately it came with an AC power adapter. Bottom line is I've got a high-tech wireless PIR attached to an ancient DSLR that is plugged into a power outlet.

There are reasons I moved from the 1D to 5D nine years ago, chief among them the cleanliness of the sensor. I needed to go on Photoshop spot patrol with these 1D images, but it's doable. Even after all this time, the 5D's system for sensor cleaning is very effective. But one thing I forgot about the 1D was the burst mode. The 1D is rated at 8.5 images per second vs. 6 per second on the 5D, but it seems a lot faster than that in comparison. No doubt, in 2004, it was a great sports and wildlife camera. My flash can't keep up with that speed so I set the PIR for three shots a second apart.

Maybe I will get a picture (in color) of the cat that has been trying to get into the bluebird box at approximately 11:30 pm most nights. And maybe the flash will scare it away.

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