Sunday, June 13, 2021


I haven't had any trailcams in the wild lately. The two Reconyx get some work monitoring my yard, but the remainder of my functional cameras have been sitting in a box for a while. I need to find somewhere in the Montana wilderness to put them. But we do have bluebirds in the yard, and I put the non-melted Browning back into service to monitor a new nest box I recently installed. The bluebirds haven't moved in yet, but they are thinking about it.

For more backyard wildlife images, including both trailcam and DSLR, click here.

Update, one week later: I tried using the newest Reconyx on the nest box, but the small birds apparently weren't enough to trigger it. So I reinstated the Browning, and I even put out my melted Browning aimed at a nearby fencepost. It looks like crap, but it still works and is taped up to be somewhat waterproof.

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